While we all know the story behind Apple, the story behind Samsung’s biggest breakthroughs has been relatively unknown for the last 80 years. We were tasked to bring the untold stories of Samsung to life, from the meaning behind the name to the products that unexpectedly changed the world. I was brought in to work on Chapters 4-6, and through a series of interactive experiences, we’re giving viewers and immersive look at how Samsung has changed our lives without us even realizing it. - (FULL CASE STUDY COMING SOON)

CHAPTER 4: The Phone Built On Can’t
In 2011 no one wanted a bigger phone, yet when Samsung released the oversized Galaxy Note it became their best selling phone to date, starting the ‘phablet’ trend that’s still going strong today. To educate users on just how difficult this phone was to create, we’re inviting them to build it themselves. The ‘Phone Built On Can’t’ let’s users tackle the design challenges Samsung faced to create something that was so much more than a phone. Check out the video below or Launch the Full Experience Here.

CHAPTER 5: More Than A Stylus
When touchscreens arrived the stylus was instantly uncool and antiquated. Yet Samsung still believed it could do something our fingers alone never could, draw, write and actually create. To tell the story behind the evolution of Samsung’s S-Pen, we partnered with artists Differantly to draw out the S-Pen’s timeline, showing how it transformed from the stylus no one wanted into a creative tool that keeps pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Launch Full Experience Here.

CHAPTER 6: Testing For Life
People never stop finding new ways to break their phones. Thankfully Samsung employs an entire facility of testers that simulate every possible way you can break yours, from dropping it mid-selfie to sitting on it. To show how thorough Samsung’s testing is, we reminded users just how careless they can be, and invited them to drop, soak and smash phones right alongside our testers. Launch Full Experience Here.